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I get it. I’ve lived in your shoes. I too have had to wear baggy clothes to hide the bloat, bail from a night out cos my list of food sensitivities are just downright embarrassing and felt so damn exhausted all.the.time. 

I’ve gone from countless digestive issues, 6 stomach ulcers, chronic fatigue, candida, SIBO, cystic acne, never ending yeast infections, UTI's and corporate burnout - to healed and thriving. If I can do it, so can you! 

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They can completely consume our lives, knock our confidence and have us second guessing our bodies. 

Gut issues suck.

It's time to journey from

“I look 6 months pregnant with the bloat” to “oh my god, the bloat is finally disappearing”! 

“isn’t it normal to poop twice a week ” to “pooping out those toxins daily”

“ugh i’m knackered all the time” to “I can’t believe I have so much energy!” 

You feel energized, carefree and your gut is happy out! You forgot how much you used to suffer, it’s become a thing of the past. 

You finally have a happy gut, and have all the tools to keep it that way. You’re saying yes to plans without giving them a second thought. You feel amazing in your clothes. The bloat is NO MORE. 

Those days where you struggled to get out of bed are a thing of the past. You’ve unlocked the key to MORE energy and man does it feel good

Is this actually my life? You ask yourself - having a true pinch me moment

You close your eyes, place your hand on your heart, and feel into the gratitude and happiness that’s flooding your body. 

This can be your reality. It really can. As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to gut health, “too good to be true” isn’t a thing. Healed, happy and healthy can be your new reality. And I’m here to make it so... 

It’s Christmas time, you’re with your family and for the first time in years, you’re wearing your fav outfit without feeling bloated. You actually can’t believe it.



Our group program focuses on an integrated root cause approach to healing your gut. 

Our Team will be by your side the whole way. Practically, we provide you with a comprehensive lab test, test interpretation, supplement suggestions & nutrition support. 

Our group sessions are where we will tap into the energy of the group and make exciting shifts in your lifestyle and dive deep with Tia into your mindset, beliefs and patterns. A 360 degree approach to gut healing, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

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6 Months, A team of gut experts, lab testing, expansive group sessions, Personalised Support

“I honestly don’t really know where to start. Without sounding cliché or dramatic, Tia you have honestly changed my life. When we first started our coaching I really didn’t know what to expect, all I knew was that I was so fed up with my skin. I was seeing more about gut health online but really, I was clueless in the field. I didn’t realise that every single one of my symptoms was actually all steaming from my gut and nervous system. I never would have even considered they were all linked, had I not been fortunate enough to find you and get your guidance.  

Thank you for providing me with the tools I need to continue on this wild gut/self-healing journey, thank you for being such an accepting, warm, comforting presence throughout the last three months, thank you for being an amazing coach, and thank you for being my friend.

 Although I don’t think any amount of ‘thank you’ will ever justify the gratitude I feel towards you, please know, it is the most heartfelt thank you I have ever said.“ 

- Eileen

get ready to

✨ Start your gut healing journey & finally feel like you again!

✨ Wave goodbye to constipation, diarrhea, bloating, stomach pain, headaches, UTIs, yeast infections, acid reflux & more!

✨ Say YES to date night & the LBD that’s been in the back of your wardrobe for YEARS!

✨ Wake up with all. the. energy!

✨ Meet like minded women, tap into the collective energy, share, heal and grow together

✨ Feel so damn confident in your body and yourself

✨ Feel comfortable traveling, leaving FEAR behind & finally feeling spontaneous again


You’re always bloated. No matter what you eat, gas is always an issue! 

You’re popping rabbit poops and more often than not you feel like you can't fully empty

You suffer from explosive poops, OR you alternate from constipated and then explosive on other days 

You’ve always got a stomach ache. Again, no matter what you eat - anything can trigger it.  

You’ve got low energy. You wake up in the morning feeling like you haven't slept, even if you got a solid 7 hours

You experience repetitive yeast infections or UTIs

You have brain fog and find it difficult to concentrate 

Your skin often breaks out or you’ve got full blown acne 

You experience any other type of food sensitivities 

The symptoms will differ from person to person, but these are the common ones that our clients come to us with and are the very reason we created this program. 

this program is for you wHEN YOU DESIRE...

hAve a flat, bloat free stomach that doesn't baloon out after a 'cheat meal'

Have more energy & vitality to socialise, see your friends, say yes to everything & anything cos you feel so damn confident in your body 

Have KG's melting off you, without ounting a single calories or doing intense cardio

Poop daily with ease...they simply slide on out and you finally feel like you've fully emptied. No more poop explosiong one day & blocked up the next 

I suffered countless digestive issues, stomach ulcers, low energy, candida, SIBO, acne, yeast infections, UTI's and corporate burnout… all of this used to be my life!

“I’ve been through the ringer when it comes to gut health issues!”

My medical team couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me and diagnosed me with IBS - which is just a collection of symptoms, not a proper diagnosis. My gynae kept telling me that it was normal to have thrush every month and to keep taking anti fungal pills for the rest of my life. A real life nightmare. I felt like I was just being constantly fobbed off, given some more meds and sent on my way.

I spent 6 years going around in circles trying to heal my body, spent countless dollars on doctors who kept telling me there was nothing wrong with me (I bet you’ve been there yourself?) until I realized that it was time to take my health into my own hands. 

Enough was enough. I decided to take radical ownership of my own health, determined to heal. 

I don’t know where I’d be now if I hadn’t advocated for my own health. Back in hospital for the 3rd, 4th, 5th time? Or worse? My life would look drastically different to what it does now - living symptom-free, happy and more confident than ever. Living my dream life in the sunshine in Dubai, running my own business. Honestly - as cheesy as it sounds, this integrated approach that I created, literally saved my life. 

I initially came to Tia to support me with finding the root cause of my health struggles. I knew my weight and body/health struggles weren't simply about cutting calories and moving more, that there was something more to this. I was also pre diabetic. 

The combination of emotional work, gut cleansing (i had an overgrowth of mold/candida), self care routines and supplements helped me to get my energy back, my gut healed and now I feel at home in my body again. As a huge win - I am no longer pre diabetic! 

I no longer attach my health and value to a number on the scale. I pay attention to how I feel and FINALLY have managed to chew my food properly. It's a bunch of small steps and small actions that add up to a lifestyle change and major wins. And for that, I'll be forever grateful for your guidance and support on this path.

- Maha

This 6 month journey will entail...

The 6 month journey

Group coaching calls with Tia

Twice per month,  you'll get to plug into the group’s energy with like-minded women and connect with yours truly as the lead coach. These calls are where you get to tap into the collective brilliance of this community, get live high-touch coaching on your health journey, and feel deeply supported with some game-changing tough love.

A GI MAP lab test 

The holy grail of functional testing - what's really going on in your gut. Here we will find out what’s happening at a root cause level - parasites, H pylori, Candida, dysbiosis, viruses, immune system functioning and more.  This test is 6,000 times more sensitive than any other poop test you've had.

Lab interpretation call with our functional nutritionist 

Our in-house functional nutritionists will review your results, provide a comprehensive analysis of our findings and take you through your suggested supplement protocol on a 1:1 call. 

Voxer community group

Tia will be with you every step of the way throughout the 4 month program. Outside of our group calls, Tia will be on hand to support you in slack with any questions or curve balls that pop up along the way. No stone will be left unturned. 

Access to all our curriculum & programs during your time with us   

You will get lifetime access to our comprehensive training programs along with access to any masterclasses, programs & trainings that happen during your contract. Knowledge is power, and we’re here to provide you with it all. 



SO JUICY - I am IN!!





I'm Tia



I'm your main point of contact. I’ll be with you every step of the way….Don’t worry, by the end of our first call, we’ll be talking about things 💩 and you’ll feel like we’ve known each other for years! (Or so my clients tell me) 


Miranda, MS CNS CDN, is a Certified Nutrition Specialist with a MS degree in Human Nutrition from and a board certification from the American Nutrition Association.

Her own health journey began with serious digestive challenges for several years prior to discovering the power of nutrition. Miranda embarked on a 2.5-year long masters degree program and completed over 1,000 hours of clinical practice to become a board-certified nutritionist.

Karen has a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and is a board-certified Clinical Nutrition Specialist.

She is a Certified Practitioner by the Institute for Functional Medicine and completed an intensive residency program in Functional Nutrition with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald.

She embraces a WHOLE body, root-cause approach but recognizes the need to simplify all that complexity into understandable and actionable steps. She uses functional assessments and personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations focusing on salient, clinically proven strategies.

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Are supplements included in the price?

No - they’re not, we need to find out what we’re dealing with first based on your lab test and then suggest from there - please allow up to $200 per month for supplements.

How do I get my lab kit organized?

Tia’s team will be in touch to arrange shipping your lab kit to you. Your onboarding portal will have all the details you need in there. Results will take about 3 weeks once the sample has been received.

Will I get 1:1 time with Tia?

No, but Tia is available to answer all your questions in the voxer channel. If you'd like 1:1 time with Tia, you can upgrade to our VIP tier which includes a 1:1 call per month.

What time are the calls?

Currently 7pm GST on Thursday's - however these change based on timezones. Feel free to reach out to Tia via IG if you're concerned about your time zone & call attendance

How long will it take me to heal?

Gut healing can take anywhere from 3 - 12 months & it depends on what we find in your labs & also your ability to commit to consistency.


$4,000 in full 
(payment plans starting from $550 per month)

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