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I’m Tia, gut health & empowerment coach, CEO, yoga/meditation teacher, podcaster & public speaker.

At Tia Maher & Co, we are root cause practitioners merging the science with the spiritual to offer you that 360 degree approach to healing your gut you’ve been looking for!


To offer a service like no other 

To create a program that I could have only ever dreamed of when I was in the pits of despair with my health.

To provide a combined approach to gut healing. The science with the spiritual. The emotional, with the physical. The nutrition, with the nervous system.The labs, with self development

we don’t work like other gut experts - we’re a hybrid. 

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This is our Vision

- Danielle

“Over a decade of diarrhea, bloating & stomach pain to no longer being held back by my symptoms - thank you for changing my life”

- Niamh 

“You found the root cause of my IBS that no one bothered to look for before. I’m going to recommend you to the world”

- Eileen 

“If you’re looking for someone to change your life, Tia is your woman. Thank you for being the greatest investment I’ve ever made for my health”

- Ciara 

“It blows my mind that I was struggling THAT much. I must have spent thousands on movicol - Can’t believe the difference”

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