Gut issues are no joke. They can have us in pain and unable to truly enjoy ourselves with our partner/friends. They can have us stressed out and always on the lookout for the nearest toilet “just in case” OR popping laxatives every day in the hope something will “shift it”. It’s a real sh*t show! (Sometimes literally!) 

Doing what your traditional doctor never could...with our eyes closed...

LIBERATE, 1:1 mentorship

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I too have laid on the bathroom floor in tears from the stomach cramps while everyone else out there is living their best life. It’s not fair. 

I’ve gone from countless digestive issues, 6 stomach ulcers, chronic fatigue, candida, SIBO, cystic acne, never ending yeast infections, UTI's and corporate burnout - to healed and thriving. If I can do it, so can you! 

I get how your gut literally consumes your life, your energy & your confidence. 

I get how debilitating gut issues can be and how exhausted you are

It's time to journey from

“I’m scared of pooping myself in the supermarket!” to “I can’t believe I poop like a normal person again”! 

“bloated from just looking at a sandwich” to “gas? what gas?”

“great, I’ve got a UTI or thrush AGAIN - s*x is off the cards!” to “thrush-free and feelin’ fineee!” 

Take a moment to imagine this with me… 

You feel like a new woman. You forget how much you used to suffer, it’s become a thing of the past!

You finally got to the root cause of your gut issues, You’ve healed them and you can’t quite believe that you suffered with it for as long as you did. 

You’ve never felt as confident as you do now. Real, deep, true confidence. You’re saying yes to plans without giving them a second thought. You feel amazing in your clothes. The bloat is NO MORE. You’re comfortable on the inside and out, and you know your body so well that you feel like soulmates. 

Your energy is back, you no longer feel like you need several coffees to survive! You feel vibrant for the first time in years. Energy that you can now use towards the life you want to create.

Your world has shifted - your relationships are thriving, both with others and the relationship you have with yourself. You’re taking brave, bold action that would’ve felt freaking impossible only a few months ago.

Things are working out far better than you ever could’ve imagined and you’re having “pinch me moments” on the reg. 

“How can life be THIS good?” You ask yourself. 

You close your eyes, place your hand on your heart, and feel into the gratitude and happiness that’s flooding your body. 

This can be your reality. It really can. As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to gut health, “too good to be true” isn’t a thing. Healed, happy and healthy can be your new reality. And I’m here to make it so... 

The gut issues that caused havoc for as long as you can remember are a thing of the past.

It’s December 2024 and you’re reflecting back on your year. You can’t believe the difference from just a few months ago… you feel like a whole new person! 


Our Team ...Tia, Miranda/Karen will be by your side the whole way. Practically, we organize a comprehensive lab test, test interpretation, targeted supplements & nutrition. Then we look at the emotional components, your stress levels, the nervous system and your mindset.

We’re not your average gut healing program. We’re a hybrid that prioritizes mind, body & soul - all of the juicy components that we need to help you heal! Yes, it’s seriously potent & YES there’s nothing else out there quite like this!

let's do this

Our 1:1 program focuses on an integrated root cause approach to healing, bringing in both the practical and emotional components. 

“Working with you has truly been the most eye opening experience. I came for help with my IBS, but you have healed so much more than just my gut. You found the root cause of my IBS which no one had ever bothered to look for. Your passion & ability to predict what’s happening with me gives me such great comfort knowing you have been through it. My mindset has shifted, my fears are no longer holding me back and my IBS is finally healed. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me”

- Niamh

get ready to

✨ Heal your gut & finally feel like you again!

✨ Wave goodbye to constipation, diarrhea, bloating, stomach pain, headaches, acne, UTIs, yeast infections, stomach ulcer, SIBO, Candida, acid reflux & more!

✨ Say YES to date night & the LBD that’s been in the back of your wardrobe for YEARS!

✨ Wake up with all. the. energy!

✨ Feel so damn confident in your body and yourself

✨ Go back to eating your favorite foods again - without a list of ‘allergies’

✨ Feel comfortable traveling, leaving FEAR behind & finally feeling spontaneous again

You SO deserve this!!! Life gets to be like this my love!


You’ve tried it all - visits to the GP and Gastroenterologist, food allergy testing, antibiotics, low FODMAP diets, dairy free and gluten free diets, probiotics, every type of fad diet, juice cleanses and increasing or changing exercise. NONE OF IT HAS WORKED. 

You’re always bloated, and you always end up wearing baggy clothes

You’re constipated or you suffer from loose stools and diarrhea 

You’re knackered all the time and NEED coffee to get you through the day 

You often experience vaginal infections, that cripple your confidence 

You have brain fog and find it difficult to concentrate 

Your skin often breaks out or you’ve got full blown acne 

You have mega food fear and a list of never ending food sensititivites

this program is for you if

You’re ready to radically prioritize your health 

You’re ready to go ‘all in’ and do what it takes to heal your gut 

You’re ready to take a look at the emotions and beliefs that are hidden underneath your patterns and behaviors 

You’re ready to take action and do this thing!! 

Count me in!

I suffered countless digestive issues, stomach ulcers, low energy, candida, SIBO, acne, yeast infections, UTI's and corporate burnout… all of this used to be my life!

“I’ve been through the ringer when it comes to gut health issues!”

My medical team couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me and diagnosed me with IBS - which is just a collection of symptoms, not a proper diagnosis. My gynae kept telling me that it was normal to have thrush every month and to keep taking anti fungal pills for the rest of my life. A real life nightmare. I felt like I was just being constantly fobbed off, given some more meds and sent on my way.

I spent 6 years going around in circles trying to heal my body, spent countless dollars on doctors who kept telling me there was nothing wrong with me (I bet you’ve been there yourself?) until I realized that it was time to take my health into my own hands. 

Enough was enough. I decided to take radical ownership of my own health, determined to heal. 

I don’t know where I’d be now if I hadn’t advocated for my own health. Back in hospital for the 3rd, 4th, 5th time? Or worse? My life would look drastically different to what it does now - living symptom-free, happy and more confident than ever. Living my dream life in the sunshine in Dubai, running my own business. Honestly - as cheesy as it sounds, this integrated approach that I created, literally saved my life. 

“Honestly I'm still processing how much you've changed my life and I wanted to make sure I did it justice when I did a write up! I can't
explain how grateful I am. I'm in the UK at the moment, flew a few
days ago and it's just so nice to be able to travel and not worry. You've literally given me my life back”

- Steph

This isn’t your average gut healing protocol…

This program is something VERY special and completely unique. It’s THE unicorn gut healing program you’ve been looking for…  

We’re root cause practitioners, merging science with spirituality.. We will help you get to the root cause, fix your health issues, and work through the mindset beliefs and blocks that have been keeping you stuck. 

We’ll guide you home to your health, your heart and your true self. 

We’ll support you to make moves that will have you thriving in areas of life where you feel like you’re merely surviving.

“Working with Tia has been a bridge to a whole new chapter of my life! I can honestly say that no money could ever equal the experience I had from Tia’s 12 wk program. I came to her suffering with recurrent yeast/candida infections and chronic bloating. I thought I was eating healthy and that stress wasn’t impacting my health. I thought my nervous system was ok and past traumas were all sorted and “buried”. 

During the program, I realised my nervous system was not alright and I had to unpack things to help my body heal, alongside the detox protocol. With her guidance and support I made it through that. Now, there isn’t yeast/candida infection in sight, my bloating has significantly reduced, and as a bonus, I lost 4 kilos! I received the knowledge of a lifetime that I will carry with me, for myself, for my health and overall well-being. So grateful for you Tia” 

- Cris

Not only will we heal your gut, your life will drastically change too (for the better!)

“You rebuilt my confidence and made me feel like ‘me’ again” - Alice

“I just got a promotion out of the blue” - Danielle 

“I finally left my abusive job after 2 years and am bringing more joy into my day again. I will never be able to thank you enough”  - Ranya

I will work with you to become a much more empowered version of you. Ultimately that's what it takes to heal your body, stepping into a new version of yourself - the healed version. I support you to grow and evolve into your next-level self, and I support you to regain and build your confidence levels to new heights. 


sign me up!

This 1:1 program is a space where you heal your gut, and so much more. 

A space to feel truly seen, heard and understood in what you’re going through, perhaps for the first time ever. 

A space where you’ll feel held, nurtured and supported from pain and suffering to health and vitality. A space where you’ll soften and feel open to get vulnerable and emotional. 

A space where we’ll explore the depths together so that you can heal it all.

It's so lovely to have you!

This 6 month k journey will entail...

The 6 month journey

2 Monthly 1:1 Calls with Tia 

These 1:1 calls are where you get intimate, high level mentorship on healing your gut. We’ll go deep into your diet, lifestyle, behaviors, emotions and mindset. A POWERFUL integrated, holistic, 360 approach that WORKS. This is where functional science meets neuroscience. The body and the mind. Based on mine and our client’s experience, it’s when we combine the best of the practical & emotional that we see real, deep, life-long transformation. 

A GI MAP lab test

The holy grail of testing what’s really going on in your gut. Here we will find out what’s happening at a root cause level - parasites, H pylori, Candida, dysbiosis, viruses, immune system functioning and more.

Lab interpretation call with one of our top labs experts & ongoing support

Our in-house team of functional nutritionists will review your results, provide a comprehensive analysis of our findings and take you through your uniquely tailored protocol on a 1:1 call. You’ll then be given a supplement protocol to help you detox from those critters hanging out in your gut.

Voxer Voicenote access to Tia

Tia will be with you every step of the way throughout the 6 month program. Outside of your 1:1 time with her she’ll be on hand to support you with any questions or curve balls that pop up along the way. No stone will be left unturned. 

Access to all our self paced curriculum 

You will get lifetime access to our comprehensive training program. Think actionable lessons, meal plans, worksheets & resources to support you step by step. Knowledge is power, and we’re here to provide you with it all. 

we love a bonus


SO JUICY - I am IN!!

group coaching Program 

Access to our group coaching program to tap into the expansiveness of healing alongside likeminded women.



Optional upgrade - 1:1 Hypnotherapy session with Helen 

We know that trapped emotions leads to gut issues. Helen, our qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner will take you through a 2 hour session to support you to find inner freedom and peace from negative thoughts, negative feelings, bad habits and destructive behaviours.

“If you are looking for someone to take you on a life changing journey, Tia is your woman! 

I connected with Tia initially wanting to fix my acne, it was my primary goal alongside a few others. What I came away with was so much more than that. The depth of knowledge and passion Tia has is incredible. She helped me heal my gut and my body but also amazingly my mind. I have a complete mindset shift now.

 While all the physical attributes of gut healing are a journey in themselves, Tia really helps you bring out the emotional and mental aspects of this healing journey. She is an amazing coach and mentor, and by the end of the first session practically your new best friend! This program was the best investment I have ever made in myself and I count myself lucky to have been able to work with Tia.”

- Eileen





I'm Tia



I'm your main point of contact. I’ll be with you every step of the way….Don’t worry, by the end of our first call, we’ll be talking about things 💩 and you’ll feel like we’ve known each other for years! (Or so my clients tell me) 

Miranda is a certified nutrition specialist with a MS degree in human nutrition. 

Her own journey began after years of chronic digestive issues prior to understanding the role of nutrition.

She specialises in root cause healing, GI MAP & OAT testing & supplement protocols. 

Helen is compassionate, growth orientated and loves to enable people to grow, to help them find inner freedom and peace from their negative thoughts, negative feelings, bad habits and destructive behaviours.

Her passion is to help people get a better understanding of how the past is impacting them and instil a different way of seeing and experiencing life. A life filled with more peace, compassion, inner-confidence and self love. 

meet your gut healing team


$7,500 in full
(Payment plans from $950 per month)


Don’t just take my word for it…

Complete your application for LIBERATE here. I read each application so please be as detailed as possible!

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Please be ready to complete the next steps within 72 hours if your application gets accepted as spots are limited. If approved, you will meet with Tia over a quick call to make sure you’re the right fit to work together!